We have many out of town patients, and we try and make it as easy as we can for patients to have surgery with us, no matter where they are travelling from.  We do many consultations via email/phone, etc.  Once we have talked alot about what you are looking for, we email preliminary paperwork and set up a scheduled block of time.  If you have had previous surgery, and medical records that you can obtain are vital to understanding what has already gone on.  We usually have a full consultation on the first day, and then the surgery the very next day.  The one day separation gives us time to make sure that we have everything necessary to complete the surgery, as well as make sure that you are comfortable with the plan.  To be honest, most of this has already been done by phone/email, but it serves to reinforce all of the preliminary discussions.  After your surgery, we ask patients to stay around for at least 48 hours.  For some patients with more extensive surgeries, we ask you to stay for a week.

The office is approximately 20 miles NW of downtown Chicago.  O'Hare Airport is the closest airport, and is approximately 15-20 minutes from the office.  Midway Airport is about an hour away since it is on the south side of Chicago. 

There are many hotels within a few miles of the office.  Some are extended stay suites, while others are regular hotels.  Below are listed a few that are patients routinely use.

Renaissance Schaumburg (

Holiday Inn Express (

Homestead Studio Suites (

Embassy Suites (

In terms of folllow-up, we do most of the follow-ups via email/phone/fax.  We ask you to make a commitment to following-up with us via email, just as if you were coming into the office on the regular follow-up appointments.  In the case of an emergency, or a complication that needs to be seen, we have an entire network of surgeons who may be able to see you for us if you cannot make it back to us.

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the contact form below. Note: by sending an email with any specific patient information, you agree to be entering into a doctor-patient relationship with our office. Sending confidential information electronically has inherent risks, even with the best encryption. We do our best to maintain the strictest HIPPA privacy compliance at all times.